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         Arizona Yavapai Rangers  -  Cancellation of 2018 Verde Valley Range Wars

The AYR has historically hosted the Verde Valley Range Wars annual match in September. This annual match has always been a method by which the club was able to “give back” monthly match fees, membership dues, and annual match fees to the members/shooters.

This year however, the club finds it necessary to replace or refurbish equipment and replenish supplies needed to provide safe and enjoyable monthly shooting matches. By example, the equipment and supplies include stationary and reactive targets, target trailer tires, electronic devices to facilitate match scoring, and more.

Relative to the economics of the club and its operation, the AYR Board has determined that hosting the VVRW in 2018 would preclude allocating club funds to bring our equipment up to a higher standard of safety for those who attend our monthly matches. Therefore, the VVRW annual match will not be held in 2018 and our equipment will be upgraded.

During the next 3 weeks we will be issuing refunds for those shooters who have previously sent us match fees for VVRW 2018.

The fate of the 2019 VVRW annual is related to money. The AYR Board will make an announcement in December of 2018 regarding VVRW for 2019.

Arizona Yavapai Rangers Board members,

Don Allen               Don Coyote
Jamie Allen            Squeaky Hare
Cris McPhail           Lacey D’Oyly
Clyde Wason         Pecos Clyde
Susan Wason        Silver Heart

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December Match Cancelled

Next Match scheduled for January 25th

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 Pecos Clyde PH 480-266-1096 / EM  or Squeaky Hare PH 480-231-1663 / EM